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Before I left New York, my friend Isaac gave me the top five tips for traveling through Central America the previous year. High on his list was always say yes to whatever someone is offering you or asking you to join them somewhere. I looked at him dubiously as there are a number of things that I know would be a hard no, like you know, heroin for one, but whatever, I understood his point.

As a sidebar, I basically say yes to everything anyway even when I don't want to do it - I'm sure some of you are aware of this ploy. When I inevitably decide I don't want to do something, I change my response to maybe and then basically avoid it. In Mexico, my usual maybe response has turned into mañana (tomorrow). So when Monica's friend, named "El Pato" (the duck) offered to take me to the other side of the island which I remember with a great fondness (it's basically just the ocean and a few restaurants - laid back and chill - Cozumel as a surfer town), I mañana-ed him for several days mostly because his name was Pato and I was anxious about going somewhere remote by myself with a random guy. But Monica promised me he was a good guy and I also checked his character with her mom - I generally check with her mom before doing anything - I'm very well behaved here in Cozumel.

So I finally agreed to 4:30 yesterday. As I finished my 5th taco dorito (tacquitos) and it was past 4:30, I was looking forward to an aggressive siesta in the hammock and thought that Pato had bailed.


But about 30 seconds after that thought, Pato was at the door, helmet in hand and we were off on his moto to the other side of the island. Monica's mom ensured to give him an earful about how I questioned his character and to be nothing short of a gentleman and god forbid something happen to me on his motorcycle, she would find him and make him pay.

We raced off to the other side of the island before the sunset and upon arrival, I was reminded why I like the other side of the island so much. Huge waves, crashing up against the rocks, where you know the riptide is strong enough to take you out but you still want to swim.


We took an elaborate photoshoot - if you've ever hung out with me and Travis, you know we love a good photo shoot. The water was so warm, I ended up swimming even though I wasn't excited about being soaking wet on a fast moto on the way back.


We headed out before there was no light. Pato asked me if I preferred to go through the jungle or the way we came and I of course said the jungle because I had yet to see that. He questioned that decision with an uncertain, "Seguro?" (are you sure?) which I answered with a "yas!"

Approximately, two and a half minutes later, a giant wild pig came charging out of the jungle and headed straight toward the moto. This pig was no joke and she meant business. We skirted out of the way just in time and shared a laugh about how the pig had obviously scared us but had no fear itself.

We stopped at a bar fashioned out of an old VW wagon on the way back, across from the Caribbean side of the beach which had good vibes and good people. It was such a fun - unexpectedly fun - day and I totally understand the importance of always saying yes.


Siestas can wait - this island has so much to offer and I'd rather not sleep through it.

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Please send some food back to Connecticut.

Also, good pig dodging skills.

Glad you're enjoying yourself!

by aaronajds

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